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Saving your time

When it comes to laundry and ironing services, our approach is simple. We seek to offer you a quick and effective solution. So that you can save time, get rid of the hassle of washing your clothes, and have them freshly clean, when you need them.

At Wash Express, we understand it is not always easy or convenient for you to keep up with the laundry and ironing; the more they pile up, the bigger the problem becomes. Feel free to pass the job to our team. We have the proper equipment, experience and professionalism to go through with it quickly, ensuring flawless results.


Our services

The Wash Express team offers excellent cleaning, drying and ironing services for individuals and businesses in Paroikia, Paros.
We use state-of-the-art washing machines and bio detergents to meet high-hygiene standards.


Your ideal solution to daily laundry. We wash your clothes using modern machines with bio detergents at the proper settings and temperature.


We take up delivering your clothes freshly clean, folded and of course ironed. Leave the probably most unpleasant chore to us. Our ironing press will take care of it.

Ecofriendly drying

We take care of your clothes by hanging them to dry, naturally. Avoiding tumble drying makes sure they are protected and at the same time no extra energy is consumed.

Bed and bath

Perfect cleaning for your linen, from sheets to towels. Wash Express will deliver them to you soft and clean, as they are meant to be before use.

Delicate fabrics

Some fabrics of course need special treatment. Trust us with the care for your clothes made of delicate fabrics, such as wool, linen etc.

Upholstery, curtains & more

Avoid the burden large items can bear in laundry, including curtains, blankets, puffs, slipcovers, table linen etc.


How it works

If you are looking for an all-around solution to your laundry, you are at the right place. Wash Express is here to make your life easier, through a well-organised operation model of collection, service and delivery.

Get in touch with Wash Express for the service you need. Have your clothes ready for pickup.

Our staff will pick up your clothes from the designated address on the day and time you scheduled.

Your clothes are in good hands. We do what we know best, making sure you will be a happy customer.

We deliver your clothes freshly washed, dried, ironed and folded, at your door, within 6 to 24 hours from collection or on the same day (for early orders in Paros).


Laundry services for businesses

Enjoying reliable laundry, drying and ironing services can be one of the most urgent tasks to be dealt with in a business, especially in the tourism, hospitality and food services sectors. Save time and money by choosing Wash Express for your laundry.

Contact us and we will suggest the ideal service bundle for your professional needs. Our clients include:

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Free collection and delivery

High-quality laundry service

Convenient, budget-friendly and reliable solutions for your daily clothes washing, drying and ironing; for individuals and businesses alike.

Our approach

Choosing us

Specialised laundry service in Paros

For several people, errands related to laundry are just burdens to put up with. The modern way of life and work do not always allow for carrying them out properly.

Fortunately, seeking professional service such as those Wash Express offers, not only guarantees an exceptional result, but also -and most important- it conserves free time. Save time to do what is important for you, on a daily basis. Leave the laundry to us.

We take care of your clothes and aim at providing the special feeling that only freshly washed and freshly ironed clothes can give.

We reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, by using bio detergents and applying natural, eco-friendly drying.

Find a quick and easy solution for your laundry. We deliver them ready on the same day, clean and soft.

We take up washing your clothes as well as all sorts of fabrics, upholstery, linen, curtains etc.

Our staff will assist you with anything regarding your laundry needs. Focus on what you wish and leave the chores to us.

We collect and deliver your clothes wherever you are. At home, at your hotel, your workplace, even your boat.


What is your turnaround time?

We deliver within 6 to 24 hours or on the same day (for early collection).

Can I use your service without coming to the store?

Sure. Get in touch online or call us and our staff will collect your clothes from your designated address. They will be delivered within 24 hours.

Do you take safety and hygiene measures?

All our premises, equipment and storage bags are kept clean all the time. Your clothes are kept and washed separately; never to be in touch with another customer’s clothes. Moreover, our team will make sure that any personal objects found in your clothes are returned to you.

Do you wash all kinds of clothes?

We can clean all clothes and fabrics, apart from those strictly designated for dry-clean only.

Schedule a collection

Tell us when you want us to pick up your clothes and we will get back to you the soonest possible.

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